Tony Morrison, The X-Travel Agent Out For Revenge!

By | March 18, 2017

Tony Morrison was a hard working travel agent for 16 years at one of the major airlines we all have used until he was FIRED! Yes FIRED! We all Know how big business works, if you are not doing exactly what they want they can dream up all kinds of reason to let anyone go no matter who or what position you are! Tony’s number was called! Tony bowed out graciously knowing it was useless trying to fight back against this mighty conglomerate! Tony was a very hard worker and took pride in doing his job well when his boss gave him the news he took it to heart and promised REVENGE! The Real kicker is his boss that was a friend he had known most of his life was the one who had the pleaser of throwing him out!

Tony spent some time digesting his new found freedom and could not help but feel like he had been let holding the short end of the stick. It did not take Tony Morrison the X-Travel long to plan his Revenge and how else could he get back at the airlines, Hit them where it hurts!! In the pocket book! Tony was having some revelations about what he was considering doing and decided that the small guy needed the money a lot more then the big guy that just happened to be the one who had FIRED TONY WRONGLY! Besides what is more noble then helping others! Just look at it like the David and Goliath story!

After releasing Tony Morrison’s My Airfare Secret’s he knew that he must be doing something right because of all the positive response from his new clients and not to mention all the negative response from the Airlines! Tony had received a number of threatening letters, harassing late night phone calls, they even threatened with legal action and when all else failed they begged and pleaded with him! They would go to any length to stop Tony from releasing these confidential secrets to the public! They even offered Him a new contract earlier this year with a 17% salary increase which is unheard of, can you believe that? Anything to keep there industries secrets from the public

The information that is in the Tony Morrison My Airfare Secret Guide will BLOW YOUR MIND! I Believe the quote from Tony himself is “I promise you the secrets I’ll expose here will shock you more than any horror movie you’ve ever watched.” He is not Joking in the least bit, He will show you How to knock $100 right off of your next ticket, how you can earn free vouchers for airfare tickets just from making a phone call and knowing what to say to the agent, How to get free food during your flight, What days of the week to stay over on your flight to wildly lower the price of your ticket and so an and so on! I could go on for hours with all these secrets that you are told about in are Tony Morrison My Airfare Secret Guide!

Tony even throws in some awesome bonuses just for good measure and they are absolutely unbelievable. Some of the bonus’s are Good Seats Guide, Hotel Reservation Secrets Manual, Car Rental Secrets Manual, Cruise Travel Secrets Manual, Holiday Plus Travel Planner Software, Seven Language Phrase Guides and so much more! It just keeps getting better and better!

Thank you and look forward to seeing all of you on the sunny sanding beaches of the world!

I purchased Tony Morrison My Airfare Secret Guide some time ago and have not even begun scratch the surface in regards to saving money with all the secrets exposed in this guide! It will take us a life time to use all of Tony Morrison’s My Airfare Secret Guide.